DC Micro Diaphragm Water Pump
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Customer Reviews

Couldn't be more pleased!

I went from a corded electric to the cordless, and I couldn't be more pleased. For those of you with a corded you may miss playing rodeo by slinging the 100' extension cord over obstacles and chasing down tangles - but I don't. I still wear my cowboy hat though to block the sun.

I took a box cutter out to the garage to unpack the Sun Joe and found I didn't need it. I could lift the mower right out of the box - I'm a 63-year-old female, so don't think I needed a lot of muscle. I mowed the front yard with one charge - the battery came fully charged. I say 'I mowed', but my neighbor and his 9-year-old daughter had to take turns trying it out. I had to fight the 9-year-old to get my mower back!

We've had a record rain this year and the grass was a good 8" to 9" tall (yes, I procrastinated...it's my specialty) I did not have any problem mowing...not a one. Yes, the bag isn't large, but I had my collapsible yard waste receptacle in tow and filled it to the rim.

A G R E A T buy, and I'd recommend it for anyone with a city lot!

**UPDATE** Nearly 2 years later and I still actually look forward to mowing the lawn. This remains one of the best purchases I have made!